Stay tuned.   We are in the process of developing fun, user-friendly classes in the Melbourne area:
      • Authentic, Regional and General American BBQ Styles

      • Down Home Southern Comfort Foods

      • Lively Tex Mex - Beyond the Nachos! 

      • Chillies - The Varieties (fresh and dried) and How To Use Them

      • How to Cure and Smoke Your Own Bacon, Pastrami and Salami

      • Custom Classes for Private Groups.  Just Ask!

      • And More to Come


Our masterclasses are taught by professional cooks and pitmasters raised in the southern USA (Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina) and of course, Australia.  We've trained for decades and work professionally in BBQ and Tex-Mex styles. Our classes, offer plenty for everyone, at any level.   

We'll not only talk "tech" like temperature management, meat choice and trimming and monitoring your cook.   Expect to roll up your sleeves! 

We'll cover the histories of regional cuisines and how they developed; old-fashioned techniques from before probes and apps; the differences between backyard, professional and competition cooking;  the balancing of protein, introduced flavours and smoke; and especially, your contributions to the future of these styles.

If we're not smoking something, we'll be cooking up a heap of chicken fried steak and cornbread with sawmill gravy;  simmering a mole or birria;  and perfecting every version of the jalapeno popper.    How are Memphis and KC pork ribs are different?   What is a hush puppy and are they housebroken?     We'll cover all this and more in masterclasses at The Ranch Hand. 

The Ranch Hand is conveniently situated in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia and includes heated and air-conditioned indoor learning spaces, garden spaces outdoors, a commercial kitchen and a variety of tabletop grills, kettles, pellet and wood fueled smokers, including learning how to work at a monster 1900 litre commercial smoker.


Watch this space!